Thursday, August 10, 2017

3D2N Glamping at The Canopi @ Bintan

Glamping: Because we like the outdoors, and aircon 

We booked through WeekendGoWhere because we were lazy hahaha but it was such a hassle-free experience! The agent we communicated with, provided replies almost immediately. That really helped to set our minds at ease. Since check-in was at 3pm, we booked the 2pm ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal so that our room would be available once the shuttle bus dropped us off at the resort. 



As you can tell, we spent most of our time there being beach bums. Also, the resort does not have much light pollution which makes it very good for star gazing! We lounged on the outdoor sunbed after dinner and did just that. 

The only paid activity we did was the ATV ride! #budgetchuf I was pretty hesitant about trying the ATV at first (because my friend told me about an incident where the ATV flipped) but I still managed to complete the forest trail! *inserts success kid meme*

Here's a photo of the price list for the activities!

Don't need to worry about bringing cash around! The charges for activities and food are charged to a RFID wristband that will be given to you when you check-in. 



This was some fried banana with cheese ~

I was still recovering from stomach flu during the trip so I didn't have much appetite for anything. We didn't have much to complain about the food we tried except that the Gordon Ramsey in us realised that they use pre-made base for their pizza! *inserts idiot sandwich meme*


This trip was so chill I didn't want it to end. We'll definitely be back! :)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bali no Barley - 6D5N


We were so excited to be in Bali, until we had to deal with the millions of taxi drivers (ok I exaggerated) who were waiting at the aiport like a swarm of flies ughhh. Glenn was so nice to entertain them by politely thanking them. #niceguyaward

We stayed with Ize Seminyak instead of Airbnb because the villas in Airbnb looked too commercialized. Ize Seminyak has a rooftop pool & bar which was just located a floor above our room. We could easily go in for a dip whenever we wanted yayyy! There was also a live band playing in the restaurant every night, double yay!



Petitenget beach was the closest beach to us and I love how easily accessible the beach was to us. Yay to more 'romantic' walks along the shore and beach bumming! We also visited Kuta beach when we were at Beachwalk Shopping Centre (for S$10 Gold Class standard movie experience & Nalu Bowl!). The latter was more crowded with tourists and locals touting everywhere. Like everywhere. Heh.



We were spoilt for choices when it comes to deciding what to eat in Bali because everything on the menu at their cafes/restaurants look soooo good. :p

Our first meal was at Sea Circus. It was a really cute place with very nice chill vibe and friendly waiters! We saw a few tables who ordered their tacos but we were too full to try them. I'd recommend to visit Sea Circus in the day so you can take pictures of/in this whimsical cafe!

We love Corner House Bali so much so that we had our first and last breakfast here. The interior design of the cafe just makes us feel so comfortable.

Sisterfields was another great cafe which we returned to twice, in a day! I fell in love with their Smashed Avocado and really enjoyed it a lot. It's such a simple dish, yet so delicious that no other smashed avocado from other cafes comes close to this. 

Ah, Naughty Nuri's. Their signature BBQ pork spare ribs, priced at S$12, left us with nothing but praises! We also tried their Pork Fun Buns which were slow-cooked pork sandwiched between fried mantou. Yummy as well! 

We had breakfast at Monsieur Spoon which we felt was an underrated cafe. It was quite a small but cosy space, and the food was great! We have a feeling that if you head over to any cafe, the food will all be great regardless. :D

We arrived quite late at The Fat Turtle for breakfast but still managed to get a table at this small space. One might miss this cafe entirely if it weren't for Google Maps, I mean Glenn, hehe. (Glenn: There's this huge turtle drawing outside their cafe so unless you're Chuf, it's quite impossible to miss. :p) 

We had a 4-course meal (S$23+) at Ultimo Italian Restaurant on our last night in Bali. This place was recommended by a friend (Thanks Fanny!) and I was so happy when we realised it was literally 10 steps away from our hotel. Woohoo! Food and service were good, would be better if the tables were more spaced out.


Day Tour

Yet another recommendation by a friend (Thanks again, Fanny!) to join a day tour at Nusa Penida. Although it was slightly more expensive (USD$90/pax) than our usual DIY sightseeing, we wouldn't have been able to explore this beautiful island (+snorkeling) without the help of a driver and a guide.

Broken Beach

Angel Billabong

Kelingking Beach

Lunch was included and we had the best Indonesian food everrrr (or maybe because we were really hungry) ~

With our guide, Kadek

The sights were breath-taking and some made us wish we had more time to just stay there and admire them.



We had our massages at Bodyworks Bali (opposite Motel Mexicola) and AMO Spa (last minute pampering just because it was located near The Fat Turtle) and enjoyed the latter more. Glenn had a 2hr massage + 1hr foot reflexology while I had a body scrub + facial + hair treatment done within the same time there. Shiok.


We arrived in Bali without an itinerary as we always do on chill trips. We still managed to keep ourselves occupied and entertained in the six days that we were in Bali. ;)

Tip: Make sure to check out the toilets at all the cafes you visit in Bali, you'll most probably be in for nice surprise! =D